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Meet us at “FFC 2022 China Functional Foods Conference”


Meet us at “FFC 2022 China Functional Foods Conference”


Event: FFC 2022 China Functional Foods Conference

Date: Aug 1st To 3rd, 2022

Place: Nanjing · Platinum Hanjue Hotel (No. 888 Xuanwu Avenue, Nanjing)


1,000+ representatives of functional food industry, including scientists, researchers, experts and leading enterprises gather together at “FFC 2022” to share their opinions on technology and product innovation, industrial development, policies, etc., to build an integrated docking platform for Management, R&D, Raw material supply, Terminals, OEM, Equipment and Distributorship, to create a functional food industrial ecological chain and to solve development problems of functional food industry. Chinese functional food industry is currently undergoing a normative development being led by FFC who has enormous leverage and wide information coverage.


This time, Tauto brings HSCCC industrial application cases and laboratorial and industrial solutions for component isolation and purification, including High Speed Counter Current Chromatography(HSCCC), High-purity natural active ingredients, High-purity active raw material, Constant flow pump, etc.


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