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What are the items in the package?

Packing box, foam insulation box, blue ice (or low temperature box), compound products. After opening the package, please confirm whether the above items are complete. If there are any missing items, please call 021-513220588, and the after-sales staff will deal with them in time.

How to obtain information such as product manuals and quality inspection reports?

A. At the time of delivery, Tauto will send you the product manual and quality inspection report in paper form with the goods.

B. You can call 021-51320588, or QQ: 800015916, or send an email to minqi77@tautobiotech.com to ask the customer service staff.

After receiving the goods, the blue ice (or cryogenic box) in the package has melted. Will it cause the product to deteriorate?

Most of Tauto's products are stable at room temperature. The low temperature box in the package is to prevent extreme temperature conditions that may occur during transportation. Therefore, when you receive the product, if the blue ice (or cryo box) has melted, it will not affect its quality, please rest assured to use it. For some special compound products that are more sensitive to external conditions, we will do additional packaging when the products are shipped to ensure quality.

What are the storage conditions of the product?

The specific storage conditions and precautions will be clearly marked on the product COA.

The following are some storage methods for conventional reference standard products:

Solid powder: -20°C 3 years

4°C 2 years
Solution: -80°C for half a year

-20°C for 1 month (retest is recommended for more than one month, so as not to affect the activity)
For special products, please refer to the storage conditions of the product in the COA.

What should I do before the product is formulated or used?

During the transportation of the product, the powder or solution may adhere to the tube wall or tube cap. Therefore, it is recommended to use a centrifuge at low speed before unpacking to reduce product loss.