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Located in Zhangjiang High-tech Park , Shanghai , the building of Shanghai Tauto Biotech Co., Ltd. occupies a 2-hectare floor space and boasts a building area of 20,000 square meters. The total investment of the coMPany is RMB 60 millions. The coMPany is derived from the Shenzhen Tauto biotech, which was founded in Feb, 1999 at the Tsinghua Academe in Shenzhen. Echoing the enforcing of the policy of “focus the resources on the development of Zhangjiang”, the main body of the Shenzhen Tauto Biotech, the research and the production staffs moved into Zhangjiang High-tech Park so as to make a better use of the development platform of the “Pharmaceutical Valley”.

We are devoted to the research, production and sales of High speed counter-current chromatography (HSCCC), valid monomer of natural plants with high purity and raw materials/intermediate of Herbal medicines.

Backed up by advanced techniques, the coMPany developed the self-patented new-type HSCCC which boasts reliable performance and takes a leading role in the application of counter-current chromatography techniques worldwide. The TBE Series High speed counter - current chromatography instruments integrated the functions of extraction, separation, purification and manufacturing. They can provide advanced separation and purification performance for antibiotics and valid monomer of herbals to the higher colleges, research institutes and pharmaceutical enterprises.

We have established long-term cooperation relationship with GE Healthcare Bio-sciences Co., Ltd. Both 2 parties are devoted to the technology and marketing development which brings a more brilliant prospect to the development of HSCCC.

Our strong research staff, advanced purification facilities and complete quality testing techniques bring us great achievements in the researches of herbal extracts. With the use of HSCCC, we have successfully extracted thousands of effective monomers from different herbs with the purification over 98%. Among them over 3000 monomers and bulk drugs are already produced and sold in batches. Also we have the ability of manufacturing new products among the herbal extracts at the client's will. On the industrialization of HSCCC techniques, we have built a bulk drug product line of Huperzine A and put it into use. Our annual producing ability reaches 20 kilograms and can be increased if there is a larger demand in the market.

Paying great attention to the basic research and the product development of the purification techniques, Tauto established long-term project cooperation with the institutes like Institute of Progress engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences; National Engineering Research Center For Traditional Chinese Medicine; Chinese General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine; Shanghai Jiao tong University, etc. Our “Global-Open HSCCC Application Laboratory” can provide research services on herbal drugs and biotechnology and drug production to the clients from home and abroad. Also we can cooperate with the domestic universities and institutes to educate our professional research talents.

By now, the projects of “Multi-partitioning-column HSCCC”, “Herbal (Ginkgo, Soybean) Monomer Extract”, “Huperzine A” are all acknowledged by the Shanghai Municipal Government as Successful Conversion of High-tech Project.

As a motivator of the modernization of TCM, we will build the first Valid Monomer of Herbals Database in China or even first around the world. And we are preparing for the opening of National Key Laboratory for TCM Standard Medicine. With pioneering spirit we would head towards the higher level of Biotechnology. We expect to cooperate with coMPanions from home and abroad extensively so as to develop TCM industry with modern techniques and make herbal medicines welcomed by all parts of the world. We are committed to contribute to the great course of human health.

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