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1 part-time senior researcher

Job description:
   1. Lead the team to coordinate the development of new products;
   2. Pay attention to related industries and new product development trends, and timely improve industry development information;
   3. Participate in topic selection and feasibility analysis of new topics, and participate in the application of national and local topics;
   4. Laboratory management, guidance and performance appraisal;
   5. Participate in project management and performance appraisal.

job requirements:
   1, the title of deputy high or above;
   2, more than five years of research and development experience in phytochemistry and natural medicine chemistry;
   3. Familiar with natural product research and development, quality control, application and approval process;
   4, meticulous thinking, easy-going personality, and teamwork spirit.
   5. Those who have overseas study and work experience are preferred.

Part-time salesperson

Job description: Part-time sales of scientific instruments.

job requirements:

Students in chemistry, biology, pharmacy and other related majors;   
Familiar with local colleges and universities and scientific research institutions (biology, chemical industry, agriculture, pharmacy, etc.).

We will provide a good working environment and highly competitive salaries and benefits. For those who are interested in applying, please post or Email relevant materials such as resumes, treatment requirements, academic certificates and copies of ID cards to the human resources department of our company (letter Please specify the words "Apply for"). Please do not visit without an appointment.

Address: Room A301, No. 326 Edison Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai
Postcode: 201203        E-mail: tauto@tautobiotech.com