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Points Redemption Exemption Clause


1. Customers who apply to redeem gifts, please read this notice and related application procedures carefully;
2. The applicant must confirm that the unit or person in charge has known the details of the event and the destination of the gift. After the applicant receives the reward gift, it is deemed that the applicant’s unit has received the reward gift, and our company does not assume other responsibilities after the gift is issued;
3. Please confirm that the applicant is the orderer himself (including natural persons and legal persons). If not, please present the authorization letter authorized by the applicant in writing;
4. This rule is only for the categories or scope of products and technical services that are restricted by the publicity on the leaflets, websites and other information release channels;
5. The rules for redemption of gifts are strictly based on the rules and requirements defined in the leaflet, website and other information release channels;
6. The validity period of the points is two years, starting from the date when the points are obtained. Anyone who fails to apply for redemption of gifts in accordance with the above requirements within the validity period of the points shall be deemed to have waived these rights and our company will not reissue them;
7. Our company will reserve the final interpretation right of this event within the scope permitted by Chinese law.