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Purpose of after-sales service:

   allows customers to use them with confidence and satisfaction.

After-sale service method of reference standard product:

  1. telephone service Provide a hotline (021-51320588-8028), and provide online technical consultation.

  2. E-mail reply Work mailbox minqi77@tautobiotech.com or tauto@tautobiotech.com, QQ:800015916, to reply to the questions raised by customers.


Instrument and equipment after-sales service method:

  1. telephone service Provides a hotline (021-51320588-8036), provides online technical consultation and fault diagnosis.

  2. E-mail reply work mailbox service@tautobiotech.com or tauto@tautobiotech.com, QQ:1059589275, to respond to customer questions.

  3. On-site maintenance The maintenance personnel come to inspect the instrument.

  4. Come to the company for training: Customers can come to the company for two or more trainings. Each training time does not exceed two days.

Instrument and equipment after-sales service specification:

1. technical service

Department in charge: Technical Support Department.
Technical support department is responsible for contacting and making suggestions for technical problems of customers' calls, and solving problems that cannot be answered in time with the R&D department.
The technical support department pays a return visit to the customer to understand the effect of the guidance.

2. maintenance service

Responsible department: technical support department, maintenance department.
The technical support department is responsible for business contact to the customer’s calls to report the equipment and equipment problems, and the maintenance department will be reported to the maintenance department as soon as possible. The maintenance department will contact the customer to make a judgment on the damage of the equipment and come up with a solution to troubleshoot and repair; after repairs Inform the technical support department of the details and processing results.
The after-sales service department conducts a telephone return visit to understand the use of the instrument after repair.

Response time :

Telephone consultation: within 4 hours

Planetary gear connecting pipe, inlet connecting pipe, outlet connecting pipe, joint problems: within 12 hours

Other questions: within 2 working days

Door-to-door service: 3 working days from the date of judgment to the door-to-door service to the maintenance site

Appendix 1

Instrument and equipment after-sales service flow chart



Customer Service Center Tel: 021-51320588-8036

Appendix 2

Equipment quality assurance and after-sales service commitment (including maintenance)

The high-speed counter-current chromatograph has a one-year warranty from the date of installation and acceptance of the instrument. During the warranty period, Shanghai Tongtian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. provides free maintenance services; free training of 1-2 operators for users at the location of the equipment user.
Users of high-speed counter-current chromatography can inquire about technical issues through the technical service center, and Tongtian Biotechnology Service Center provides users with life-long worry-free technical support.
For major instrument failures that require system maintenance, the user should send the instrument back to the company, and the company will bear the resulting postal consignment freight for the user within the warranty period.
When the high-speed countercurrent chromatograph purchased by the user fails in normal use, the company promises the above warranty service. In addition, if the applicable laws of the country clearly stipulate otherwise, the company will comply with it.
The following situations are not covered by the free warranty:
(1) Damage caused by natural disasters;
(2) Failure or damage caused by not strictly following the operation instructions of the instrument or caused by dropping;
(3) Failure or damage due to the transformation, decomposition, and assembly of the product;
(4) The gift is faulty (the manufacturer is responsible for the warranty).
Repair at cost after the warranty period. To

Appendix 3

Instructions for repairs after the warranty period

   In order to thank all users of Shanghai Tongtian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. for their support and love to the company, and to better use the TBE series of high-speed counter-current chromatographs, the company makes the following commitments:

1 During the warranty period
   The high-speed counter-current chromatograph is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase by the user. During the warranty period, Shanghai Tongtian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. provides free maintenance services, except for cases that are not covered by the free warranty (see the warranty clauses for high-speed counter-current chromatographs for details) .

2 Out of warranty
   After the warranty period of the instrument, the company is responsible for lifelong maintenance.

3 Technical support
   Welcome all customers to the company to exchange high-speed counter-current chromatography technology with the researchers of the technical department and receive training on how to better use high-speed counter-current chromatography. The service center of Shanghai Tongtian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. provides users with life-long worry-free technical support.