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Tongtian Mall respects and protects your privacy. Except as otherwise provided in this privacy policy, Tongtian Mall will not disclose this information or provide it to a third party without your prior permission. You can browse most of our web pages anonymously, but sometimes we need some information to provide you with more accurate and personalized services. This statement involves some of the data we collect and how we use and Protect them.

1. Information collection

1. Anonymous user information

Anonymous users can enter and browse the Tongtian Mall website without revealing any private information. Through your browser, Tongtian Mall can capture some information, including which website you come from, the type of browser you use, the time and data of entering the website, and other information that does not involve your personal privacy. This information can let Tongtian Mall know how many users have visited the website and help Tongtian Mall improve user services.

2. Information of registered users

Registered users can browse and use all services on the Tongtian Mall website. When you register on the Tongtian Mall website, you will be required to provide some of your private information to the Tongtian Mall, such as your name, email address, mobile phone number and other similar personal information. On the registration page, Tongtian Mall will clearly mark the information that needs to be filled in. At the same time, you can also modify, improve or delete your registration information on the Tongtian Mall website at any time.

Tongtian Mall collects necessary user information in a legal way only for legal purposes and with the user's consent.

Tongtian Mall may send users free information and promotional materials based on the collected user name, address, phone number, email and other information, or actively initiate a call to the user based on the real and effective contact information left by the user to contact the user . Tongtian Mall shall not be liable for any losses that may be suffered due to the user's own disposal of promotional information or non-answering of Tongtian Mall's calls.

The user must provide the true, accurate and complete information of the user and the organization according to the prompts of the registration content, and ensure the timely update of the information of the individual and the organization. Tongtian Mall does not assume any responsibility for any damages that may be suffered due to inaccurate, incomplete or unupdated personal and unit information provided by users. If the personal and unit information provided by the user is inaccurate, incomplete, or not updated in a timely manner, which causes losses to Tongtian Mall, Tongtian Mall reserves the right to recover.

2. Information protection

Tongtian Mall will take some security measures to avoid loss, misappropriation and malicious modification of information. Without your consent, Tongtian Mall will not disclose or provide your personal information (name, email address, mobile phone number), order information, and product purchase information to third parties, except for any of the following circumstances :

The authority shall provide it in accordance with legal procedures.
For the purpose of public safety.
As users improperly keep their own information confidential, resulting in the disclosure of user information.
Information leakage, loss, stolen or tampered, etc. caused by network lines, hacker attacks, computer viruses, etc.
In order to protect the more important rights or property of other users of this website.
Other special or emergency situations.

3. Use of information

Tongtian Mall has the right to use the personal and unit information you provide for internal operation, management, statistics and other purposes, including but not limited to: daily management of the services and products that Tongtian Mall provides to members, monitoring the safe use of the website, internal research, Perform statistics and research on visiting data; promote the update of services and products for members to enjoy; for the purpose of resolving disputes, eliminating disputes, and implementing this legal statement.

Regarding this statement, if you have any questions or suggestions or you need us to update some of your related information, please contact us by the following way: tauto@tautobiotech.com